I Just Spent $125 on Monte Carlo Parts. What Did I Get?

The car needs body work and electrical work. It needs the exhaust welded back on. It has holes in the frame behind the axle on both sides. I did not address any of those problems.

No, I bought an air cleaner and a line lock kit.

Okay, so the air cleaner I kinda needed. The 305 is still fully smogged, and I’d like to get rid of that and get an open element filter on it. Jeg’s had a nice 14x3 inch plain black one, which is what I wanted, for $40...which was perfectly reasonable. But I didn’t want to pay $10 to ship it.


Their free shipping doesn’t kick in until $100, so I considered a tachometer (mine ‘works’, but shows 3000 as idle speed and when you stand on it it goes well past 6000 to the bottom of the tach) but decided I’d go used for that. Instead I saw a nice Jeg’s “Stage Control” kit for $85, with the solenoid and switches and everything and that seemed like a good idea for my bone stock 180hp G-body.

Basically I just felt like spending a few bucks on the car. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start ripping the smog junk out of it.

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