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I just spent 8.5 hours running a gas station in Austin.

It was not fun. More people = more stupid, and a sort of critical mass is reached where the stupidity runs away in a chain reaction.

Here’s one thing I noticed, which amuses, but does not surprise me. Because we ran out of regular unleaded, we switched all the pumps over to dispense premium. The premium tank/pump are smaller, so run slower. So when everybody at the station is pumping premium at the same time, it flows really s l o o o o o o w. Sometimes so slowly that the pump won’t shut itself off when the tank fills up, and then gas just spills out of the filler next and onto the ground. This is a huge pita, because we have to then clean up the spilled gas. But here’s the thing I noticed: We were asking customers to limit themselves to X amount of gasoline, so we could keep the lines moving and get people out of there. We weren’t booting anybody out, just suggesting they not be assholes to everybody behind them. EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO DIDN’T LISTEN, OVERFILLED THEIR TANKS AND SPILLED GASOLINE ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE. These were also the same people who just went and sat down in their cars, after we told them they needed to watch the pump because it might overflow.


Greed and stupidity just go hand in hand. Also somebody wrote a check, and asked me if it was still May.

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