I Just Spent a Mortgage Payment on Car Parts...

I kinda (and by kinda, I mean I took Gravol) feel sick.

This summer and fall I’ve enjoyed my 4 wheeled, exhaust deleted, flying red people eater.


I’m a new-ish initiate to the cult of Brony (not the MLP kind); the base GT with performance pack is what I was able to get into (because I’m cheap and I like contributing to my pension).

Rapidash (or 5 Point Rut-Roh, still working on the name) is a good chariot. Heinously fun to drive is the best way to describe this car. I understand that “Fun to Drive” gets over used, but this car is really fun to drive. Chris Harris put it best, the Mustang GT is “A happy car.”

I did noticed though, that the rear likes to dace and jump around like a 90's Kriss Kross music video when I’m being spirited.

The amount of flex in the rear IRS bushings is impressive, boarders on prodigious even. Of course the pox-riddled Edmonton roads don’t help, but still... The girl twerks, and not the good twerking.
Realistically, I can almost understand why so many Mustang C&C goers end up B-lining it into the crowds.

Make a car that is relatively inexpensive and easy to finance, stuff a decent sized V8 with modest specific output in it, add +10 softness to the bushings everywhere (car is a pillow stock), give it hockey puck tires (I’m looking at you P-Zeros), and add Bro-stosterone...


In an effort to both enjoy my car and not kill bystanders, I’ve upgraded my suspension.

No no, I don’t need applause, I know intrinsically how happy you all are that I won’t be “that guy”. Now, I just have to wait for my driveway and garage to thaw... I know it’s going to be worth in when I get the parts in this spring, but man it’s a stomach turning feeling to spend mortgage payment worth money on suspension.

Hopefully the wife won’t kill me.

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