Last year my family moved from Oregon, land of inept gas pumpers, legal weed and lots of good driving because at least where I was they couldn’t pay sheriffs for backcountry road patrol; to Minnesota where we were born and raised. Along with the move we have had the opportunity to save for our first home. We have a down payment saved up and are working on closing costs(could borrow from my 401k if needed in the meantime, although I’m hoping to get them covered by seller).

We even found a neighborhood we like. Affordable, diverse, pretty safe, some green space, close to downtown, great mix of 1920-30s houses that are beautiful and 60-70s houses that would need less love in the future. Although very few houses have 2 car garages but they tend to be the newer ones. It’s well liked but not trendy so there shouldn’t be any sort of crazy rush to get an offer in.

But it being the dead of winter in Minnesota, not many listings are up. Only one house in the neighborhood in our budget is active right now and it’s outdated but has a two car garage(although part of me thinks it’s exactly the type of house we could scoop up at a discount with closing costs split/paid). So I need to wait, which I’m awful at.


928s for your time(manual, for sale in Iowa)