and the startup splash screen isn’t as good as the old one, and overall they made it less user-friendly than the Marshmallow software.

The Moto X Pure’s Android 6.0 M installation has 99% stock emojis, with a select few carried over from 5.0 L. But the 7.0N seems to be 100% Nougat emojis.

And for the thumbs up and various others, they now have real skin tones rather than pink-and-white. And for the people, they have actual men and women (customizable for race, of course) instead of yellow blobs.

The no good gesture X hands is now a woman instead of a yellow triangle.

I like the blobs better.

Thank goodness they didn’t change the orange cat emojis (but they did in Oreo, to an ugly gray cat)


Old on the left, new on the right