Good afternoon oppo. Last week I called Vector Motors, and I was asking about the status of the WX-8. If you don't know what the WX-8 is, it's some sort of "Ultra High Performance Hyper Car" (or something along the lines of that). It has a giant motor and supposedly, when operational, will be one of the fastest cars in the world. It's last been updated 6 ish years ago to the press. It could be vaporware, it could be real, or it could be that there are 10 operational ones doing runs across the salt flats this afternoon. Netherless, I called Vector last week.

I reached Vector through their phone number, and I asked about the WX-8. The person refused to answer but questioned who I was. I told him my first name and that I was a contributor/author on As far as I'm concerned, I guess this guy hasn't read Máté's article on the Vector videos, and most definitely not Torch's article on the airplane in their lot. I even asked. He didn't comment.. He told me to email him, and he would check out whether he would be willing to. Mentioning oppo was not really planned, and I do NOT want to harm the good name of Oppo. Then I asked about Gerald Wiegert, and the operator said he was Wiegert. I got rather excited. I got his email. I emailed him about Oppo, my info, and some stuff about Vectors. He hasn't replied.

Oh yeah, yesterday, some guy from chicago named "Brian" called me asking about a regulator for a "Jetbike" (something that Wiegert made). Said my name as well as getting my name from Wiegert. Weird. Called him back. Turned out to be a wrong number.

Any tips?