Suburban paradise edition.

I’ve been going here since I started the business, four times a year. Insanely nice mother of three—there’s a dad too, but I’ve yet to run into him—who’s terrible at remembering appointments. About 50% of time I get a call last minute saying “just do the outside, I’m SO SORRY, completely forgot!!” accompanied by a massive tip in the check she sends in.

But the house is why you’re here. And what a house. Located in Hunt’s Point—a small, affluent town a few miles east of Seattle with a median household income of over $150,000—the residence is simple yet captivating. A large four-car carport, vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, and a super modern, chic interior that showcases one of the rare instances of a homeowner who is just as good at home design as they think they are. If not for the old-school bubble skylights and retro roofing style, it would be all but impossible to guess that the home was built in the 70's.

Oh, and check out that Sportcourt! It’s a custom design that’s filled with tiny holes—kind of like a storm drain—to make it impossible for water to collect and pool on the surface. The drainage system underneath is more substantial than that found under many houses. In addition, the material used was specifically chosen to emulate the level of “bounce” one would get on an NBA level court. Can confirm, after dribbling I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this and hardwood in a double blind test. It’s pretty incredible the amount of work that went into this one, comparatively unimportant addition.


The homeowners wanted a place where everyone could gather, and have a good time. They succeeded. It’s not uncommon for me to drive up and see about forty young children playing in the yard, with parents up above having drinks.


So tell me Oppo, Yay or nay? Does this place do it for you? Personally, I love that despite having three kids, the family hasn’t moved to a massive four story new construction home like the majority of wealthy young people around here. To put it in automotive terms, I guess you could say that these are the type of people that don’t feel the need to buy a crossover just because they have a family. And I respect that.

Here’s two bonus photos from the house I went to before the above one. The Seattle suburbs are a nice place to live, if you can afford it.