“The house that broke my spirit” edition. The header image is not the main house. It’s not even the guest home. It’s the separate recording studio. Which at 5 bedrooms, 4 bath, 3 stories, and a garage with 8 cars in it... Is by far the smallest building on the property. Fml

The recording studio garage certainly had some neat cars in it. Its one of four garages on the lakeside property, along with an additional 40,000 sq ft of living space divided between the main house, and two guest homes. At some point today this terrible, terrible job site broke my will and I just started taking pictures of cool things because I’ll be there all day tomorrow and the next day regardless of how late I stay tonight and it will be even hotter, and more miserable and I need a new career, and lots of alcohol, and a free revving motorcycle to ride off into the sunset never to return and—

Okay. Deep breathes. Be cool. It’s cool. We’re cool, right? Right.

The more interesting the home, the tougher the job. This home... is interesting. Unfortunately none of the pictures I took managed to quite convey how much work the windows at this home are. I was not in photographer mindset when I snapped these.

Let’s try something. Count every single pane in your home. Your standard apartment-grade bedroom windows, with one stationary pane and one sliding pane, is 2 windows. Simple enough. Okay, you’ve got five minutes........ How many panes oppo?


This job? Slightly over 1200 panes, not counting ANY of the French panes (of which there are hundreds) or the 90 skylights. Have some pictures...

One side of the smaller guest house. There are eight sides, total. Three other sides like this, three others sides like this but with a third floor row of windows, and the last side was four stories and basically all bedrooms from what I could tell.
One side of the larger guest house. This image is what greats you when you pass through the gate into the compound. A cruel joke to put such a seductively easy looking section front and center to hide the dark secrets that lay beyond


And onto some of the cool things in the recording studio. First three shots are the lounge. Next shot is one of three recording rooms.

I was trying to get a shot of the Bop-It, but huh. I think there may be a harp in there as well..?
Floor shot. I know that there is some Brazilian rose wood (Jacobia wood?) in there because the owner mentioned it, but beyond that...


Upholstery choices, Yay or nay?
The studio with the nicest gear was locked, and the one in the middle was dark and I literally spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to turn a light on to no avail. So no pictures. This last one looked to be the studio for family rehearsals.

And finally, the cars. Keep in mind that these are in the recording studio garage. I haven’t been in the main garages yet.



I saw Ferrari memorabilia so I’d imagine there’s at least one, somewhere. But honestly I could care less. I hate this place. Steve Ballmer’s house? No problem. Happy to go there. Bill Gates? Once every 18 months, worth it just to say you’ve worked for the richest human on the planet. The family who controls the space needle? Modest home. Red Robin of North America CEO? That house is a bitch and a half, but relatively small.


But this place.... Ahhhhh. This. Fucking. Place. This is the first time I’ve ever looked at a home, and thought to myself, “this is too much”. Four people live here. In this massive estate. It’s not even in some super special multi-millionaire community like some of the homes I go to regularly. A block away is an old apartment building that even I could afford a place at (maybe. Probably not). For local oppos, if you were curious the home is located on Juanita drive, just half a mile up from Spuds fish and chips.

I’m going to go find an empty lot, and do donuts until my heart is at ease. Hope your Monday was a bit more enjoyable Oppo!