That’s right baby. I’m back. 9800 Sq. Ft. Of new construction. It feels so good to be out in the field again.

Jobsite Miata got a lot of love from everybody. There must have been 60 people working on the house, and a good dozen work trucks, 15 vans, couple of moving trucks... But just one bright red Miata.


Today I taught my guys the key tenant of new construction window washing. Bid so high you’re all but gaurenteed to be turned down, with curses aimed in your direction. Then when they agree, internally kick yourself for not asking double that. Now you have to do it, stupid!

New construction is a nightmare. Here, we had 300 windows—each one coated with tons of stickers, cement, concrete dust, paint, excrement, caulking, etc—to remove with razor blades, elbow grease, and various solvents. Incredibly time-consuming, and no margin for anything less than absolute perfection. Working around the aforementioned 60 plus guys (did I mention there’s a wedding tomorrow?). Most workers are not cut out for this, which is why 9 times out of 10 I recommend walking away from new construction. Leave that shit to the fresh-faced kid starting a new business who’ll bid it out at $500 and end up making 6$ an hour. And still manage to piss of the general contractor with “astronomical prices.”


Luckily there’s one dude at this company who—while still incredibly slow by my old companie’s standards—has the work ethic and attention to detail to get the job done. I told him and his partner that I’d help out on the job for a few hours, then when the scope of the job increased (they originally wanted just the exterior, but after seeing how great that looked decided to get interior too) I sent one guy home and finished up with the crew leader into the night.

I would not do this every day, but once a month or so.... Yeah. That works.


Oh and this home has nine garage doors. Nine!!! Should have gotten more pictures.