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I just washed these windows, AMA

All this work for a vinyl window 😔

err, wait. That’s not right. I’m the tile guy now! 18" tiles with 1/16" joints, because the manufacturer reccomended 1/8" joints would look massive. Schluter trim on the inside of the window, matched so well to the tile that most people so far have assumed it was tile. Reveal around the window has been kept a perfect 5/8 at every point, tiles are all flush, plumb, and level (except for where they’re required to slop down towards the shower pan).

Still loving this process, but oh man it’s a lot of work. It took a full day just to do the interior of that window. 10 small tile cuts, and 4 pieces of trim. 8.5 hours.

Level check. Not bad for 18" American made tiles that are not rectified
These were terrifying cuts, as I knew if they were so much as a hair off they’d need to be redone. At times my boss will spend half an hour agonizing over a 1/64"

Told my boss about the trip and the first thing he said is that he hopes I’ll still want to come back and work afterwords. Fuck yeah.


Four more days, then off to Asia

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