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I just won a debate with my mother.....

So, being a student still living at home, and the younger child My parent's still have a say on some of the things I do, such as vehicles.

If any of you have been following my post recently I haven't had the best of luck with my car in the past month, and recently I've decided at the option of saving a grand and some and financing a car up to four grand over the next three years.


Earlier this week I came to my parent's with motorcycle, Dad said yes, mom said no, end of discussion. At 21 years old this is frustrating, but I am getting free food and until I get a new vehicle,lodging soooo.

earlier today I narrowed down my fantasy's to two vehicles.

1. Ford Escape

2. Mazda Miata (1st gen)

My Mom's main concern is safety, we all agreed that the Miata compared to my other choice probably isn't going to win any awards, but I brought up it's not a Motorcycle and then things went into my favor.

My reasons for these two are this.

If I buy a utility vehicle, I don't want it to be too heavy, I'm not hauling constructions goods, but I want some ruggedness and an even balance of passenger and cargo room, the second is brand loyalty. I am a Ford man for life, I can't run from it, the men on my namesake side have been driving Ford or GM for close to 100 years now and my Great-grandfather and my father picked Ford. The passenger room is what kicked the B4000 and Ranger off my list, I have friends and family that I like to drive around with, in relative comfort. (plus Ford owned Mazda for awhile so it's in the family)


The second is driving dynamics, I enjoyed driving my Taurus, but there are things a RWD car (my explorer) does better than my Taurus did, I felt more confident in some areas of Nova with RWD then I did with FWD.

The third is fuel consumption. The Escape is still a modern CUV and one of my good friends has a Mazda Tribute, she averages more combined than my Explorer and Taurus ever did, with almost more space than both cars combined, with the carlike feel of my Taurus and the Stance of the explorer it brings me home a bit. The Miata and Civic Si were firm competitors at this point on the car side


the fourth was maintenance. I really don't want to do an operation on another FWD car as long as I live, the Taurus taught me that and this is why the Civic got kicked out, I know it's like a modern day Vw beetle in terms of maintenance, but with the explorer I found things easier to do when the engine is facing the correct position.

Cost, I mentioned an E30 a few days ago..... Miata and Escape win on cost in maintenance and parts alone. I don't even want to know what my insurance would look like


So in the end My mom allowed the Miata as a contender, but only if I install a Rollcage....and she made a comment on how there's space for only me... Which I don't mind because MX5!!!

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