Fluffy needs a bath and a new lace collar. I found a doll repair place that's actually worked on Puffalumps before. { breathes } I hope they don't think I'm nuts. Puff needs some TLC.

The repair place is in northern California. Excuse to drive Laguna Seca: unlocked. Now just don't come back über-expensive for 'lump repair, please. (Or think I'm nuts. It's my Fluffalump. I'm not nuts, I swear.)

{ breathes }

Please help my bunny?

{ hugs Fluffy }

UPDATE: Prices are not bad. The only thing that worries me a little is that she says stuffing doesn't usually clean up well, and that it might have to be replaced. Also, a full cleaning would be three weeks.


Two trips to Laguna Seca? I'm good with this. May is packed, August has a thing I want to do in Austin, and June looks like it might be packed, but hmm. HMMMM.