I bought an 07 Dodge Nitro for my work daily, and have not mentioned it since. I removed the vehicle’s only emblem and replaced it with a vintage “Fargo” emblem as I often do (see SS panel Van, Honda cr-v 5.9 limited etc.) I liked the Dodge box on wheels but “nitro” had always struck me as being a bit “bro”, admittedly, the inexpensive mopar mini-hummer is a bit bro in and of itself. In jest It’s bee referred to as the Dodge Dungaree, the dunkaroo, Dodge Danger Cart, etc. In the family it’s the “Cargo Fargo”.

But when asked What it is that I drive I draw a blank for about 5 seconds. Uhhhh, dodge jeepwagon thing. Durango! no. the other one.

I like the car a lot. It has some personality, doesn’t look like much but she’s got it where it counts. But I can’t remember her name, Is that a bad sign?