About a year ago I posted on the idea of getting an H2. And to be completely honest that thought never left my head. A Hummer H2 pretty much goes against everything I believe in but for some reason I can’t help but want one.

This would not be a daily driver it would more less be to cross it off my automotive bucket list. I would probably drive it 2500-3000 miles a year MAX.

I still remember when I was 19 years old (12 years ago) I was working at a Pontiac dealership that was also specializing in Corvettes since the owner was a massive Corvette collector. Someone traded in a 1 year old H2 on a brand new Vette and they had me drive the H2 to another dealer across town. That was honestly one of the best 30 mins of my life. I felt like a total rockstar. Ever since I’ve wanted to have one and now they are stupid cheap compared to what they used to be. (They were 80K in Canada)

I found a MINT 1 owner 100% stock clean title H2 in white with 155,000kms (96,875 miles) for $16,500 and the owner said he was flexible on the price since he wants it gone.

This is SO very tempting. As far as quality this is as good as you’ll find for a 12 year old truck.