For almost two weeks, I've had a cricket in my house. I read online that they like molasses, so I bought some and followed instructions to try to lure him into the bowl. Didn't work. So, then I bought some Roach Motels (says on front for crickets too). That didn't work either. I would only hear him early in the morning (and not every morning) when I first got up. Thankfully, his chirping didn't bother me while I was asleep. Just now, when I went to the kitchen, there he lay in plain sight. I grabbed a paper towel and chased him (he's fast) across the kitchen and into the living room. He went under a recliner and then under an end table where I finally grabbed him with the paper towel and squeezed hard (ick). I then flushed him down the toilet. Don't f**k with me, crickets!