Can’t help it and wouldn’t if I could anyways. My life has changed substantially during the time I’ve had this ol’ questionable sedan, but it’s been nothing but great experiences, including making me an enthusiast. Everyone and everything is working their hardest to be exciting, funny, and admired right now. I’m not excluded in this! But I value sincerity above all else and as embarrassing as it is to admit, this car characterizes me very well. Too well really...but it’s a wonderful feeling to find someone or something that you can be boring with.

When you love something you can’t help but tell people about it. I’m going to get over my embarrassment and share “Part 2" with you all tomorrow. Every story inspires someone, that’s what I always said that one time. Plus, I sold all my cool points for a big bag of animals crackers in high school...which would win me cool points right now until you remember I not only bought an Amanti, I seeked it out after researching it!


I’ll explain more in “Part 2" tomorrow, maybe...

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