I kind of miss small jeeps

This video doesn’t tell the whole story, so I did a graphical top down illustration of size.


The JLU (by far the most popular wrangler) is literally twice as big, and heavy as its CJ forefathers

cj-2a footprint - 50.6 square feet

JLU footprint - 96.6 square feet

Cj-2a weight - 2,140 lbs

JLU weight - 4,440 lbs

I realize you get a lot more Jeep and that its a much better overall vehicle, but I think its lost some of the spunk the old jeeps had on account of their plucky size. The main thing that strikes me when I see the new ones is the width. The track width is enormous compared to the old ones.


This is just a small(er) Jeep appreciation thread.

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