I know that is a foolish statement; however I do want a daily M3. I know most logical option would be to ditch the E92 and then DD the paid for M3 I already own, but I don’t want to do that. Primarily, I want to keep the E90 as long as possible and turning it into a daily driver might be a detriment to that. I talked to a guy at cars and coffee with an E30 M3 who has owned it since 1997, I want to be on that level; I’ve only had my M3 since 2014. So the most logical, to me, solution would be to get another M3.

Now, I couldn’t get another E90 M3 with a stick, I would have to get something different. A DCT coupe is something different, plus the DCT cars don’t command the premium that the 6MT cars do. It would be differnt enough where they wouldn’t be identical. While I prefer a manual, I don’t need to it to breathe, and if I got another manual M3 I would never drive my E90.

My M3, apart from the throttle position actuators, has been very reliable. That might because I am the second owner and I got the car with a mere 15.7k miles on it. I would be concerned that a high mileage M3 wouldn’t be as bullet proof. So between this and the fact that I’m pretty upside on the E92, I’m probably not going to get another M3. Life is strange at times, who knows, I might get an E9X M3 within the next year. I wouldn’t hold my breathe though.


My E92 turned off on me the other day during shattering the theory that I had fixed it, so I kind of want to ditch it. When it’s working good, I really enjoy it, but I don’t want to spend M3 money on fixing it. So if you want a slightly broken low mileage two owner E92 328i inquire within.