I Kinda Bought a Thing!

Well I’m buying the 328i Xdrive. Sadly I can’t buy it today. The owner/operator of the dealership is out of town until this afternoon and I have to work at noon. So I can’t get the paperwork until tomorrow’s. However I got the price down enough to make the payments and interest rate a lot more comfortable. Hopefully I’ll be picking up some snow tires, on 17” wheels for 400 bucks, because the OEM run flats are junk in the snow. And I found an OEM roof rack for 125, maybe someday it’ll get a hitch too. Because I am a strong car owner who don’t need no truck.

Also on my GVR-4 I have a sticker that says “rare item” so I found an equally accurate sticker for this one.


The bast part is I can still proudly wear my Blipshift AWDsome shirt.

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