And that is... good? Also I think I like the way it smells, which as best as I can tell is 80s plastic and fake strawberry. Maybe I should see a doctor.

The Civic has been down for maintenance for about a week now. I noticed a bad clanging from the right front the last time I drove it, so that earned it a trip to the garage. One problem was pretty obvious... the lug nuts were finger tight!



“While I was in there” figured I’d replace the tie rod ends, brake pads, perished brake flex hoses before fitting the new wheels and tires, a process that has taken a lot longer than I’d like, unfortunately.

I’m still about a week out before I can fit the rear brake lines, bleed the brakes, and make whatever modifications are needed to fit the new wheels and tires.

But I want to drive it now!

Secretly hoping for a snow day tomorrow so I can work on it, but looks like the weather is going to just miss us. Boo.


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