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I knew I'd regret it...

Went to a sci-fi convention in Boston this weekend. Valet parked the xB because I had too much going on to deal with hiking in from far off free parking and/or a cheap lot.

Now I hate the idea of strangers driving my car. I’m fine with friends and loan them out regularly, but having my car in the possession of strangers puts me on edge every time.

But everything seemed fine, and when we were leaving they brought my car up to the door with minimal delay. As I walked up to the car the valet ran around to the back(cutting me off), to open the rear hatch. I said “be gentle” 5 seconds before he yanked up hard on the rear hatch handle, snapping it off the mounting studs on one side with a loud *crack*. He then sort of poked at it, and stepped back so I could see to visibly sticking out on one side and loose.

Even better, after having my partner help me load our luggage(I wasn’t going to let this orangutan near my bin of props & costumes), the guy had the temerity to hold his hand out for a tip. I just looked at his hand, looked him in the eye, and slammed the car door in his face.


I’ve already spoken to the company rep, who passed my info on to the person in charge(who is supposed to call me within 48 hours), and gotten a $234 quote to replace the handle. But this was the last thing I wanted to deal with, especially as I also had a custom prop I build stolen at the show.

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