Yesterday I got a call to buy a Harbor Frieght ladder rack I bought years ago and never installed. Weirdly, I got a second call from another person who wanted to buy it literally like three minutes later. This after it being listed on Craigslist for weeks. The first caller got here first, paid me my asking price in cash, and asked what else I might have for sale.

I rattled off a few tools I was selling, and he mentioned he was looking for a truck tool box. Well, I happened to have a crappy aluminum Husky tool box with a broken latch next to my garage. A friend gave it to me to get it out of his garage, after another friend gave it to him. I’ve been using it to store fire wood. He offered me $50 for it, which he also paid in cash.

This morning I noticed his beater ‘88 Chevy truck pissed oil all over my driveway. I’d be mad if my driveway wasn’t in desperate need of being sealed anyways.