...but the freak winter we’ve been having delayed it.

Today is the first day that it finally felt like February in El Paso. A robust and sunny 80-something degrees.

And the Lexus has black leather seats. Oof.

The Other Woman (update about her later tonight) also had leather, and I solved that with seat covers. Except...according to my upholsterer (look, when you own a Miata, you have to do things like replace the softtop now and then), the now overbaked and shrunken leather seats are in that condition BECAUSE of the seat covers! In the dry southwest sun, the seat covers can actually accelerate the drying process. The solution was to remove the covers every few months and use a leather conditioner to keep it in good shape.

Which brings me to today’s inquiry. Google searches are fine, but I would always prefer to hear from mu fellow Opponauts.

1. Those of you with black (or dark) leather seats, how have YOU solved the issue of scalding surfaces on hot days?


2. What products does Oppo like further keeping leather upholstery healthy?

No pic for your time, because mobile and lazy.