[If you don't care about the new EP7 you can scroll down to where you see the Torino Engine to begin reading]

I saw the last instalment of Gundam Unicorn or Gundam UC.

Mother of God.

Feels out the ass. (If you know your Gundam back story in the Universal Century)

Epic fights.

Epic Quotable lines.

So much more.



On another side note.......

Power Steering pump on the Torino is going out......its the Original one that came from factory in 1973. So it was time. Sucks though cause I have a cruise I want to go to tomorrow night.

My Father's Cousin is bring out his 1968 Mustang Coupe and we were gonna have all my cars out there as well (My 2008 V6 Mustang and Dad's 2011 Mustang GT)