I know a lot of people shit on starbucks, but when the alternative is tim hortons I'm going to pay the extra

I was just at the post office mailing something and stopped at the nearby starbucks - I usually buy regular coffees or whole beans to grind at home, but they have a rewards program where I’d had enough for a free coffee.

A large caramel macciato (which I don’t feel guilty about despite being over 300 kcal since I’ve barely eaten anything since the wisdom tooth surgery) is over 6 Canuckistan rubles. It’s a tasty coffee but I’ll be damned if I ever pay regular price for this stuff. At least their regular brewed coffee is a reasonable price.


On a side note - my jaw hurts so much it’s also giving me a headache. Tramadol doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped, but I certainly don’t want anything too strong when it comes to opiates.

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