We all know that slamming our cars to the ground is the cool thing to do nowadays, the internet tells me that that is a fact. We all know buying no name brand speedshop ebay parts is generally not a good idea as well, again the internet says that is a fact. But if you’re on an absolute tight budget and coilovers are out of the question, why is it more acceptable for people to cut or heat their springs, remove them altogether, or replace vital suspension components with hockey pucks? I’m not joking, that’s a thing:

Of course driving with cut springs or no springs at all results in some rather sketchy handling characteristics. Yet for 65 bucks, you can have a set of SpeedDaddy springs that claim a 2 inch drop all around!

So why does it seem that doing something incredibly sketchy is more popular/accepted than buying crap eBay parts? Lowered springs from a reputable company (Megan Racing, Eibach, Tein) in general aren’t TOO expensive but even if they are out of reach of those on tighter budgets, shouldn’t these dirt cheap springs be a better, safer bet than to just hack up your OEM springs?


Maybe I’m old and the whippersnappers need to get off my lawn.