i know how we feel about stance, and i hate to be the one to ask...

but is anyone going to be at h20i? I wouldn't stance a car of my own, but it seems that along with all the swag and scene cookie-cutter cars there, there are a lot of really cool cars there. Cars with absurd amount of character that you just don't see every day.

I've never been before and don't know much about the event, but my friend whose dad has a 2008 CLS63 just asked if i wanted to make the drive down with him for a day in the AMG. It isn't terribly far (only 3 hrs).. is it worth it? We wouldn't get ticketed for anything, having a stock car, but i think it'd be amusing to see tickets being handed out for camber and such. Or are the people really tasteless enough to make it not worth going?

Some questionably tasteful but certainly outrageous cars for ya time


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