...but if I had the space, I would buy this.

I’ve wanted a sand rail for a very long time, and this one just dropped down to $1000 from $1500. They’re street legal here, too.

Normally my space/want conflict isn’t noteworthy, but I was very tempted to try to figure something out when I saw this because I just got a new job.


Yes, after six years of working for StreetsideAuto.com, I’ll be moving on to work remotely for a marketing firm out of Atlanta. It has more pay, great benefits, room for growth, and even cell reimbursement.

The plan is to be debt free by the end of the summer and buy a house (with plenty of space for things like this sand rail) about a year later on a huge down payment.


Soon, Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig will just be Andy Sheehan, Tired Ginger.