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I know it's been a while - Scary times for airlines

Sorry I’ve been missing, Oppo. I’ve still been reading, but life has kept me from posting. 

First a small garage update. Talked my father into buying a 911 this winter. He asked me what I would buy if I was going to buy what I really want, and I said a 997 Targa 4s. He proceeded to buy one. 2007, manual, 54k miles. I’ve been storing it this winter. White over tan wouldn’t have been my first choice of colors, but it is a fantastic car. Makes my 2001 C4 feel slow, but I prefer the overall feel and interior of my car. WIth the weather improving, he’ll be bringing his car home next week.

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Time for some real talk.

If you know anyone who is an airline employee, don a containment suit (we must be safe here) and give them a hug. The amount of uncertainty in this industry right now is terrifying.


Pilots tend to need all the data. We spend our lives learning everything we can about aircraft systems, weather and rules and regulations. They are the things that keep us safe. Times like this result in a complete lack of data.

I know that this is temporary. My position on the seniority list, plus my wife having a great and stable job that more than pays all of our expenses really reduces our exposure. Also, we have not increased our monetary commitments despite making nearly twice what we used to make. We are really positioned well for this, but still, logic in the face of incomplete information isn’t helping.

It’s eating me alive.

Be safe everyone.

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