But is it time to spin Oppo off from Jalopnik? Maybe Jalopnik should cut ties with the Denton Gang!

I like it here, I really do. So please don't misinterpret what I'm proposing (not that others haven't).

It's just that the on-going tweaks to the Gawkerverse (go check out the gongshow that is Valleywag's comment sections) aren't really adding anything to our collective user experience. Slave2anMG posted about it, and when I checked it out, I was confused, and saw familiar elements.


Click on a conversation? You see only the first post. Click on "More"? It zooms up to the top, and messes around a bit. Then you have to scroll down to find the page re-arranged. It's like when Kinja was first introduced, only far worse.

I get that there's a relentless push to advance things, and I get that there's a push to generate more revenue, otherwise the monkeys don't get paid, so the monkeys code. But with no apparent oversight, testing and, I don't know, conversing with the people who use this place (I haven't checked out the sub-blogs too much lately on the other Gawkerverse pages, but I can't imagine the frustration is any less), who's going to drive the traffic if we peel off to Hooniverse, or Oppo+, or even start populating the /r/oppositelock sub on reddit?

Do Denton et al. actually have a plan? Do they care about anything other than pageviews and revenue? Do keep in mind - I've nothing but respect for the editorial staff of Jalopnik.com- knowledgeable, funny, witty (no, they're not mutually inclusive...) and they love their cars. But with all of the monkeyfucking around that's going on, making pages render badly, comments showing up and if the VWag thing going on is any indication, comment threads being all but unparsable, I can't see where they're going with this.

Or maybe I do, but I've blocked it out, because I don't want to acknowledge what is going on.


Disclosure: I've had the flu since Sunday, and reddit/Oppo is all I really have for social stimulus. I love this place, I really do. But I'm getting RSI from F5'ing every goddamn tab, I'm hungry, thirsty, and I just want things to work.

Is that too much to ask?

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