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I know people say you should buy local... support the local economy.

I need a new air filter and cabin filter for my car, as well as new wiper blades for the front windshield, new rear turn signal bulbs (the amber paint/covering is flaking off, but the bulbs aren’t blown), and new headlight bulbs (mine older Philips bulbs are getting noticeably dim).

I priced this stuff out on Amazon with Prime (which I have), so free delivery and quick shipping. I priced it out on Amazon with Bosch bulbs, a FRAM air filter, but the cheapest thin/aero-style wiper blades I could get (these have always been good enough for me to see fine!) and a cheap cabin filter. This all came to about $90 CAD, plus tax and convenient free delivery to my door.

NOW...for the hell of it, I priced all the same stuff out on Canadian Tire’s website which I could go pick up at the local store....Sylvania bulbs, the same FRAM air filter, a FRAM cabin filter, and the cheapest thin/aero-style wiper blades the store came to $166 PLUS TAX....and I have to pay the gas to drive 15 minutes to town to pick the stuff up! Not that I mind driving to get it, just saying I am excluding the fact I would have to spend money in gas to go pick it up!

Look...I get that it helps people keep jobs and helps businesses stay open and all that, but when the SAME stuff is going to cost me almost DOUBLE to buy locally than online, it’s a no-brainer to get it online, as much as that doesn’t help the local economy....there’s no way ANYONE’S pocket book could handle that....

Sorry for the mini-rant Oppo! :(


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