Yesterday, I met up with a friend of a friend. He pulled up in a Lincoln Aviator similar to the one posted above. He tried to convince me he had a V12 in it, a V12 that ran both diesel AND Gasoline and that could pull a 12,000 lb trailer. Now if he indeed did have a V12 it may be able to pull 12,000 pounds. But I know the frame of the Aviator couldnt handle it. Also he followed me to another friends house, He fell very far behind me with next to no traffic. Now My truck aint a lightweight when it comes to power, But its not anywhere close to V12... Its not even close to a V8! He also said it had dual fuel tanks. I know he's full of it, but it was kinda funny to listen to. He also told me that he is picking up a "2015 Cadillac ST5 Pickup" today, and showed me a picture of the Cadillac Sixteen concept as photo evidence of what he is buying. That isnt a Pickup, it isnt a 2015 model year car, it isnt even a production car! Why do I know these types of people?