I know that's kind of a vague question, but I'm thinking about a Forester XT with the new high torque CVT as a shared vehicle in the near future. Subaru has a pretty decent track record of making reasonably durable 4EATs and 5EATs that can last 200k miles if they're taken care of. I know I've driven Subaru 4EATs well past 200k miles with no issues.

Currently Subaru is on phase 2 of their own CVT and I've driven a phase 1 and phase 2 Subaru CVT and didn't mind how they operated at all, even when mated to a normally aspirated EJ or F series engine. My ultimate question is, what's the longevity of these CVTs, in particular the high torque CVT going to be like in 100k miles, or 200k miles after the chain has stretched out, or can it stretch out?

Any insight or other techobabble about long term reliability with CVTs would be appreciated.