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Will the 2020 C8 be like the 2005 Lotus Elise?

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I know the $60k stripper Corvette (which is still pretty well appointed) will not be the norm as the dealers sell cars the factory decides to build and allocate, but will those low spec cars become the perpetual $35k machines that were/are the 2005-2011 Lotus Elise and how long will that take?


For some quick answers I checked a Corvette Forum article where the author suggests that like all past Corvettes built in decent volumes the C8 will loose a good amount of value in 5-10 years.


Does that mean in 5 years I can go out and get hold of a $35k C8 unicorn? Will it then stay that way for a while? The author of the article above includes some used car site screenshots sowing the 2010 C6 in the 40-60k range. Most of those are Z06 so that skews things for me a bit. Although, who would pay $60k these days for a 2010 Z06 when the base C8 is probably better?

I am skipping over the idea of salvage title cars but I do remember a ton of the then being sold $54k Elise, selling for $30-35k with salvage titles due to the front clam being really expensive and issues if you messed up the chassis as it was bonded aluminum.

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