I Know There Are a Few Tercel Fans On Here

Well I found one, and it sure is interesting. It only has 460,000 miles and the owner seems to have taken very good care of it. Yours for $1400.


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1987 Toyota Tercel Wagon. I bought this as a back up vehicle and to save some money on gas while I was in school. Takes a minute to get it running but once it’s warmed up it runs well. It has good tires and the four wheel drive works. The interior is in good condition and it is clean. I have extras like the original shop manual, a wiring harness and dash kit for a new radio, and a “new” remanufactured carburetor that should fix the rough start issue. I just don’t have the time to tinker on it anymore. $1400 obo.

That 4wd System. It is so neat

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