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I know what Doug Feels Like

I’m alive Oppo. I’ve just been addicted to a mobile Star Wars app (Force Collections) and extremely busy with work. However, I had an experience yesterday that I felt compelled to share. Someone came over to talk to me about my car.

On my lunch break yesterday I was attempting to make myself look like Jeremy Clarkson thinks all Americans are (fat but I’ll pass on the stupid). After stuffing my face with a healthy amount of unhealthy food I sat in my car for a few minutes since it was a nice day outside when a gentlemen approached and asked me what kind of car I had.


I kindly told him what it was and all the things I liked about it. He complimented me on it and said it looks nice (even though I haven’t washed it since March) and I went about my day feeling good about myself and my car.

Who would have ever thought a base model 2012 Subaru Legacy would be an attention grabber.

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