Exciting visitor at the kids bus stop today! A honest looking late 80's Defender 90 2.5 Tdi 3 door van. Not even a 50 footer, with obvious mismatched tires (Runway Enduros FTW on the back) and bubbling at the bottom of the door. Still, could be a great project for a Land Rover enthusiast at the right price, and included a few upgrades like the snorkel and LED headlamps. Let’s enhance!

Hmm, seeing some red here and a few shades of green, I don’t think this was a great repaint. That corrosion is pretty obvious.

Oh, there’s some not insiginificant surface rust on the frame...


More red showing and a terrible tint job on the back window.

That’s... quite a bit of rust showing at the bottom corner of the windscreen. So this is maybe (generously) a $8500 truck in the UK, landed in the US, let’s say $12-13K.


But we would be wrong. Very very wrong... 22K OBO....