I Know What I Want to Replace the C30 With Now

As much as I would love something stupid and fun like an Abarth, I’ve come to the conclusion that I want something large, practical, and luxurious. And although I’ve been hurt twice by Volvos, I still haven’t learned my lessons and decided I want another one. I am now on the hunt for a great deal on three vehicles:

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A Volvo S80. Thanks to being a luxury sedan and a Volvo, depreciation has become a great ally. The S80 is one of the smoothest riding, most comfortable cars in my price range. It also blends in with smooth lines; exactly what I want. Finding a T6 or a V8 (my true dream) under $20,000 is a lot easier than expected, pushing this near the top of my list.

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The XC90. An SUV that was so great, it lasted over a decade without any major changes. The all new XC90 also pushed the values way down on the first gen. Sadly, because its been around so long, prices are all over the board. Again, getting a V8 would be amazing fun, but a T6 would also work. I know it could eat up miles very comfortably, and because of that a lot of these are a bit high mileage. Finding a clean, newer, low mileage example will prove to be a challenge.

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The classic Volvo. The XC70 is another rather underrated car. Extremely comfortable seats, a little ground clearance, and optional AWD make it sound like the perfect all-around vehicle. Also, unlike the S80, the practicality is unbelievable. Sadly, like the XC90, finding a low mileage one will not be easy, but if I can, I would probably jump on it. Plus, it would give our household a three wagon driveway!


So, the hunt is on. And not only will finding the right car be easy, but I also need to find it at a dealer that won’t kill me on trade in. The C30 is a weird car, with even weirder trade in values. And being in Florida, finding these Volvos is a lot harder than in other territories.

Now I wait and check Cars.com, AutoTrader, and local dealers day after day. I think that might be the definition of insanity.

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