Amazingly, my '08 Saturn Astra will be replaced by a brand new 2014 Ford Focus ST1!!!!

One problem..... I can't decide between two colors in particular; Tuxedo Black and Performance Blue.


Normally I wouldn't touch(read as 'own') a black car with a catback exhaust(horrible car joke, proceeding to slap myself in the face with a wrench); it's impossible to keep clean, especially in Michigan year-round unless you've got the money to do weekly washes. It's a sharp, sexy color no doubt, but the cons simply outweigh the pros here. If I choose black, I have to worry about Scratches, Swirl Marks, apparently a very hot interior in the summer, and improper washes which I'm VERY good at... The only thing that the Blacks got going for it, is that it's already on the dealers lot, for the Blue, a dealer trade would be required and I've got no idea how long that'd take.

The same would go with the Blue, but the problem is that I'll have already had a Blue car. I want to try a different color this time around. And then there's the dealer trade deal again.


I've considered the other colors and here's what happened...(no offense to ST owners or car owners with similar colors!)

Tangerine Scream: To Yellow and it doesn't look right to me on a hot hatch like the ST(maybe the Fiesta though)


Race Red: The mother was like "Pull Over an 18 Year Old in a Focus ST Red" I love it but the decision was unanimous on it because I don't want drive a dull pink or orange car in 5-6 years(I'll be keeping this car for a VERY LONG time.)

Ingot Silver: Silver is BORING.....moving on

Oxford White: Better than Silver, yet it screams rental car to me which = BORING

So I can't really be sold on another color besides the black or blue. What should I do? My gut's feeling isn't in the mood to help me with this one. Which is the best color for the sportiness, extreme long-term and why? All ears open(which a touch of salt)


(None of the pics are mine BTW)

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