Debating tire pressure with my drunk brother in law is one to avoid.

We were in the garage, and he was admiring the tires on the Tacoma. That’s when he mentioned he took his Avalanche in for an alignment, and he got into an argument with the tech. They came out and told him that his tires were severely over inflated. To which he responded, “Look right there on the sidewall, it says 65 PSI!”. The tech gave him the correct 30-whatever PSI recommendation based on the vehicle. “Well, Chevy didn’t make my tires now did they, how would they know what tire pressure my tires should be!”

I think he was expecting me to to agree.

We did manage to have a discussion about car rebates. “Never take a rebate on a car, you have to report that as income!”.


He’s a decent guy and all, he just has a few woefully inaccurate thoughts about cars.