At a Carmax in Philadelphia.

Ok, so maybe not the actual BlueMazda2, but a Blue Mazda2, nevertheless.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea how cheap these were, but then again, they are economy cars. This one only has 5 speeds, albeit with the correct number of pedals. In which case, voids the lack of a sixth gear. Given my tendency to shift as quick as possible, that would lead to me be in a higher than necessary gear. There would be a learning curve at first, but not an insurmountable mountain to climb.


Under the hood we find 1.5L inline 4 producing a blistering 10o hp. If you’re keeping score, that’s 314 less than the inline 6 V8 in my M3 produces. Does that translate to quadruple the fuel economy? Nope, not even looking at triple the economy!

However, this thing will be cheap to run. At only $9k, does anyone need a single owner 54k mile economy car that’s not a Versa? I’ll give it my seal of approval.