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I know you guys won't give me crap for buying this

Unlike nearly everyone I work with....

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See the problem with working at a car dealer is that everyone thinks they know more than you, and they always say they could have got a better deal on a better car, and why didn't you deal with so and so, he/she's my neighbor/friend/cousin/ex-coworker.

Well tough titty, I say. Wife and I looked at a few CX-9s over the past week, and the two that MY dealer group had were either A. Too expensive or B. Not a good value for what they were. Yes they would give us what we wanted for our Quest as trade, but either the interest or the price of the CX-9 they had was too much.


Until I found this one. 2-owner, clean Carfax, 2008 Touring AWD, with moonroof and Bose package. 12/12 powertrain warranty (DAT TRANSFER CASE) included, we're paying what we want and the wife is happy.

I just know when the guys at work find out I'm gonna get shit, and probably even scolded by management for buying outside our dealer group. But oh well, they had their chance. Chances.

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