Illustration for article titled I lasted one whole week before the mods hit.

I told myself I would drive my new-to-me Mini Cooper S stock for a few years, and replace parts with performance pieces as they were needed, that my budget would be used for replacement pieces and repairs.

That lasted probably less than a week. I ordered a bigger rear sway bar and a pulley. Technically before I started to drive it I did install an intake, but I NEEDED that intake (at least what I tell myself), but it didn’t help much for my plan to help me hear the engine. Thus, exhaust may be making its way on the list depending on what happens in the next few months (which I totally need to do since my exhaust doesn’t sit centered :P).


Benefit is that the dealer I purchased from said he would be happy to have his shop work on his customer’s cars, which is part of why I bought this car, so I could get suspension out of the way with the control arm bushings and the rear sway bar. Figure I can ask him about the A/C as it does not blow cold even with a recharge while it is in.

A/C and the transmission mount are hopefully the last required repairs for a while. Headliner and tires will happen before summer, and maybe an exhaust depending on how things go with the Datsun.

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