I learned a thing!

I had always believed this to be the first gen Camry.

But tonight, I pulled into the parking lot of Panda to grab dinner, and thought, “Wow, look at that really clean Stanza! Wait, it says Toyota on the grille!”


I forget how small midsizers were in the 80's, and my love of 80's boxes is no secret either. This one was just slightly off-balance for me...although I imagine it would look fine as a coupe. Despite its small size, I was genuinely impressed with the legroom in the back seat. This thing had Panther-body footwells in the back, all within a package the size of a modern Corolla.

Of course, if this thing gets hit by a bro-dozer, everyone is likely dead, sadly. For as nice as the roominess is in a compact package, airbags, impact beams, and crumple zones sure are nice, too. Props to the owner for keeping this car so pristine.

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