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I learned a thing

Today I properly attached a good sized trailer, drove around, backed it up, and unattached it. No lives were lost during the process.

This seems like an automotive milestone somewhere under “learning to drive stick” but above “doing donuts”

So I can do it, but it still makes me really uncomfortable. The Miata has ruined me for spacial awareness. Pickups are all fine, but other than that I really hate driving big vehicles now, especially the work rigs with no rear windows that rely solely on cameras. Nerve racking in the city, nerve wracking in parking lots. Thankfully one of the guys directly under me at work is an absolute wizard with all vehicles. He doesn’t even bother with the camera to attach the hitch, which seems impossible to me since the vehicle in question is a fullsize transit van with no rear windows.... But hey. I’m just glad there’s someone else I can have deal with that shit. Never leave sir, never leave.

As my boss always says, “sure you can try to do everything yourself, but that doesn’t scale well. As a manager you have to train others to do the work and delegate, delegate, delegate.”

Sure thing boss. Whatever keeps me from driving a fullsize van with a trailer through rush hour Seattle traffic on I5.


If you made it this far, take a look at our newest vehicle. After a hefty repair bill, it’s in good health and ready to start making some serious money. According to the company we bought the pressure washing gear at and some private sleuthing, this is likely the most capable pressure washing rig in Washington. Cool beans. Now we just have to not break it.

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