And that lesson: To not give a shit about what others think about my preference in cars!

I don't need to care about what people think about my choice in cars if they think of it negatively! I shouldn't care if they think it's stupid, nor should I care if they think something is betterer!

Why? Because it's MY car, and no one else's, and that I should and will get the car(s) because I want them, not to impress anyone else!

Just because your car has a V8 or V12 or V10 or Flat-6 or a W-something or any motor, and having it turbocharged or supercharged doesn't make you or anyone better than me!! :D


You know what that means, Bane Kitty?

I don't need this THING, I never did to begin with, at least not right now I don't need to have this:


Am I crazy? Hell yes! Does this sound stupid? Probably! But guess what? Now I don't care, and I never should have hahaha!

Because THIS is all I need :)


I see this car firmly in my future with a good'ole V6! And I don't care what anyone thinks or says! :D

I wish I learned this lesson sooner!

And in turn, I shouldn't be hating on the Ecobust either because it's not for me! I'll still call it the Ecobust, but maybe it does deserve a chance and I shouldn't knock it before I try it someday, and I will.


And further more, whenever the day comes that I can finally have myself a V6 Pony Car, I'm gonna use it to do something I should have done a VERY, LONG, TIME AGO: Ima gonna deck the V6 haters in the schnoz!! Muahahaha!!! :D


Hooray spontaneous life-lessons!

On with your day. :)