I learnt things I wish I had not learnt

Went out with a friend who’s turning over a new leaf. She’s going back to school, has curbed some costly habits, very “adulting” moves and whatnot. I’m impressed, and happy for her. But...

Among her plans was getting rid of her car... let’s call it a fully-loaded 2016 FlossBlek... that she bought new. She’s going to finish paying it off, then sell it for tuition money. She recently inherited a low-mileage Toyota from a relative and is just going to use that. Again: very sensible. Historically she’s the type to hang on to the fancy thing.

And she’s like, “Yeah, that alone will save me $600 a month.”


I am taken aback, but regain my composure.

“You ahhhh paid $600 a month for the ahhh FlossBlek?”

“Yeah... Well, the payment plus insurance was about $600 total.”

“But what about the [Ferd] you traded in? Didn’t you get a good—”

“That was a wash, it just paid for what I owed on it.”

“$600... so... you put nothing down on that car then.”


“I see, I see...”

When I consider other factors that I’ve known for years and will retract but STRONGLY IMPLY RIGHT HERE: her commute [*cough* single-digits *cough*], her income, her financial goals... Oh my Lord. I am so glad she’s giving up the game of turning in cars every few years — like I said: adulting is good! — but oh man, had I known the circumstances of her purchase when she got it three years ago, I think I would have tried to say something... anything...!

Not that I would expect anyone to listen, but what if they did?!?!

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