Its a Ram. A Damn Ram. A Damn Ram with a Dash Cam. Ram Dash Cam?

2017 Ram 1500 Express Quad Cab, V6, auto, 4X4, “Express Value Package” (20" wheel and tire option with UConnect 5.0 and backup camera).

Not much else, but nothing else really needed.

Ram has a $199 lease deal for 36 months and 30k miles, and that fits me well. I didn’t like the itty bitty 17" wheels and 3.0 radio, so I upgraded a bit. I’m paying a tad over $199. Okay.... $245. But my Mazda is gone, and I’m in something new with a warranty.


My dealer found it about 50 miles away and it came in late Tuesday, so I’ve been driving it since Wednesday afternoon. Signed the lease tonight. And right away my OCD is TRIGGERED.

They couldn’t have CENTERED the Bluetooth mic? They’re canted above BOTH front passengers




But I can shift through the 8 gears via buttons, so I won’t miss driving manual TOO much.

And it has my favorite option that all cars & trucks should have:


AND, to top it off, my wife and I found a Durango we agreed on, and its on ITS way from the same dealer that had my Ram. It should be in tomorrow. It is also black.

No more Mazdas for us :D

Also, this is personally only my THIRD brand new car. And my last one was a Dodge.... way back in 2000. Everything else new my wife has had, so I’m kinda stoked to finally have something new again for myself.