He’s about 5 years old, 80 pounds, picked him up on Sunday

Oops wrong pic.

He’s very sweet, gets along well with everyone (including our 1 year old catahoula mix Josie who thinks every time is play time), and just wants to cuddle and receive all the pets. He got in a fight at the foster home he was at so he’s got some bite marks on the head that are healed, just waiting on the fur to cover them up when it grows back.

Being such a Big Boi I am making him a raised bowl holder out of some old stacking tables that were being used as shelves in the bathroom by the previous homeowners. They’re the perfect size, just had to cut some holes and add some sturdy legs. Gonna try and finish them tonight.


Oh and speaking of Josie, the rescue that she and Harley came from gave is this cool little scrapbook they made of her mom and all the pups!


Momma’s name is Petty, hence the ‘album’ design

And there’s our Josie (nee-mary jane) on her own page


And with all her brothers and sisters

Now I know why she loves sticks....