I’ve really taken a liking to Honda’s more recent wheel designs. It isn’t just the top-of-the-range ones that you get on things like the Accord Touring and Civic Si - even the Accord EX has wheels that look good in motion IMO. Also, I’m hyped for the Civic Si’s reveal at the L.A. Auto Show next month!

The new CR-V looks good too IMO, especially in the rear - the current one’s rear fascia is boring as all hell. It’s a shame that there’s no hybrid variant in development to rival the RAV4 and Rogue Hybrids.

The previous-gen Civic EX-L; I’m pretty sure that these used to be available as optional wheels on the Civic that preceded this generation.
The wheels that debuted on the 2014 Civic Si.


The Civic Sport wheels, which will apparently be shared with the Si if this Civic Si prototype is anything to go by.
The current Honda Accord Sport - the wheels really accentuate the rear haunches from a rear-3/4 view in person.


The current Accord EX’s wheels - they don’t look like much at a standstill, but they look alright in motion IMO.